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How To Prevent Technology Issues While Traveling

Don Johnson
Don Johnson

These days, technology and travel go hand in hand - it's almost impossible to venture even a few blocks without our trusty mobile phones. When you leave for your journey, not having access to the necessary tech could easily ruin your plans for the day!

You can get ready for a smart, secure journey by doing some quick checks before you go. Let our helpful tech travel checklist save the day - take it along to prevent losing devices, forgetting chargers, or becoming a victim of data theft.

Get The Right Apps Before You Go

Have you ever wondered why your airport gate seemed so deserted? After a few moments of confusion, you realize that your flight has been transferred and now there's barely any time left. Panic fills in the air as you scramble through the concourse searching for your new destination - all while praying it isn't too late!

Everyone else seemed to be aware of the gate alteration - could it have been due to an app notification from the airline? It's highly likely that they had subscribed for similar updates and were able to act in time.

Ready to embark on a journey? Make sure you prepare ahead of time by downloading any necessary apps while connecting to your home Wi-Fi. Don't wait until the airport as it may lead to poor reception that could potentially delay or even disrupt your travels!

Some of the apps you may want to grab or update before your trip are:

• Airline app

• Train app

• Hotel app

• Theme park app

• Camping ground app

• Weather app

• City tourism app

Chargers and Cords

Don't let yourself be one of those people who leave behind chargers and adapters for their devices. Everywhere you go, you see abandoned fragments from laptop cables to power adapters in airports, restaurants, or train stations.

If you are traveling to other countries with different power requirements, get appropriate chargers with the right electrical plugs for the region you will visit. It is best that you bring a spare charger with you wherever your travels take place - otherwise not only will find yourself paying exorbitant prices at gift shops but also the possibility of leaving your device powerless if no replacement can quickly be found!

Alternative Power Options

To guarantee that you never miss an important call again, consider buying a small charging battery. These are easily accessible in popular stores and online - they're just like tiny blocks of energy which can restore your phone's charge at any time. With one of these handy little devices, you'll be ready for anything!

By having an extra source of backup, you are also safeguarding yourself against fake or tampered public USB charging ports known as juice-jacking ports which cybercriminals can use to steal your data.

Contact Your Phone Provider To Update Your Phone Plan

Research cellular services in the area before your departure. Before traveling abroad, it's essential to review your mobile plan.

Don't be caught off guard - if you don't have the ability to make international calls, then you won’t be able to text or call home either! Take time now and ensure that communication is secure with an appropriate coverage package before departure.

Cellular providers can provide you with an international plan, so make sure to inquire about cost and adaptability to the networks you will encounter.

Prolonged calls and using mobile data overseas may be pricey; however, another option is setting up a VoIP app for communication bandwidth while traveling. This way you can stay in touch with your business colleagues, family members, or friends abroad - but it's vital that there's access to the internet! With this method, both texting and phone calls are possible.

An Inexpensive VPN Service Can Protect You

Although open Wi-Fi can seem like a blessing when you're on the move, it's important to remember that this convenience often comes with high risks. Unprotected internet networks are prime targets for hackers who want access to your personal information; there is no way of knowing if someone else has infiltrated the connection or not. For maximum safety and security, be sure you have protection in place before connecting to public Wi-Fi.

When it comes to connecting to the internet overseas, your best bet is either using your mobile carrier connection or a virtual private network (VPN). Not only are VPN plans affordable, they also keep all of your data encrypted and secure while on public Wi-Fi networks.

Get Cloud Data Configured For Access Anywhere

Unfortunate events can arise when overseas like leaving behind your phone onboard a vessel, having misplaced luggage, or even getting pickpocketed in busy places. Research has revealed that 10% of all stolen laptops take place at airports-- making it an increasingly unsafe area to be cautious of.

Do not let your essential data be lost with the device! For a hassle-free trip, back up all of your devices to the cloud or local storage before you depart. This way, even if something happens to your electronic items, you can rest easy knowing that all of your valuable information is secure and safe. Moreover, you will have no worries about executing an emergency remote “wipe my device” command in case it's needed.

Checkup and Update Device Security

Prior to setting off, ensure your technology is secure. When we're on the go, our attention tends to be pulled in different directions. Thus, it's likely you will forget about running an antivirus scan or falling prey to a malicious phishing attack. Make sure all of your devices are as protected as possible before starting out!

Protect your devices before you go using:

• Antivirus/anti-malware

• DNS filtering

• Screen lock with passcode

• Sharing features turned off

• VPN application

• Find-My-Device feature turned on

Enlist Traveling Companion's Assistance

Ensure that nothing is forgotten by utilizing the buddy system. When you and your family are departing from a plane, ensure that each person has all of their devices with them before leaving. If traveling solo, have someone close to you cross-check with questions such as "Did you get your charger?" or "Is your VPN turned on?". By routinely double-checking items prior to departure, potential issues can be mitigated beforehand.

Those encouraging reminders can help to avoid digital travel horror stories.

Strengthen the Safety of Your Devices Now

Don't leave yourself vulnerable to data breaches or compromises of your banking information and personal details. Reach out today for our secure device solutions that will help you minimize the risks associated with unprotected devices.

CITE business clients and their staff have the option to reach their assigned technician and have a checkup on their equipment before travel to ensure that they are properly prepared with suitable configured security options before setting off on their travels or to assist with resolving issues while they are traveling.

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