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Services You Can Trust

We are here to support you and provide top-quality service with integrity and professionalism. At CITE, we believe technology should be an asset – not a liability – and our role is to make sure that asset is always available.

Unlimited Real-Time Support

When you have an IT problem, you need help. To ensure your staff stays productive, it is critical to receive that help as quickly as possible. CITE is focused on providing you support, in real-time. If your staff reports an issue, they will get a response within minutes, not hours or days.

Device & Inventory Management

Besides keeping your equipment in good working order, we keep track of device inventory, end-of-life monitoring, and replacement strategies. Helping plan for upcoming replacements and knowing what you currently have in place, is key to your business strategy.

Network & Server Management

Your business network is the lifeline to your data. We maintain network equipment to improve performance or security. The same applies to your servers if you have them. We maintain these systems with daily monitoring and active intervention when problems arise.

Application & Cloud Management

More software and cloud services means more management for you. CITE will handle these requests for you, so you can stop seeing these tools as burdens and get back to moving your business forward.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Ensuring your new employees are properly onboarded, is key to a successful hire. We will ensure the technology side of your employee onboarding goes as smoothly as possible. Ensuring that departing employees do not have access to your company data and resources is also critical. We’re here to manage it all for you.

Procurement & Provisioning

If you need a new device or want to repurpose an existing one, you can leverage your partnership with CITE and our in-house expertise to handle the leg work. We will navigate shipping delays, warranty claims, or repairs. CITE has your device needs covered.


Your data is the most valuable and important thing your company owns. CITE believes that securing your data is the most important thing you can do. That is why we pride ourselves in keeping your data save from the public, dark web, and even ourselves.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Our vCIO will help serve as your Chief Information Office. They will be your go-to if you have questions about IT budgets, need technical reporting, developing specific policies, and procedures related to your company, or planning a technology roadmap for the future of your company.

Lifetime Network Hardware

A very big deal. When you choose CITE, we will install an entirely new, enterprise-class network. It will provide a strong and reliable backbone for your business to stay connected to your cloud services. Get best in class performance, security, and reliability with this network and if any equipment fails, CITE will replace it at no charge to you.

Microsoft Cloud Licensing

Microsoft Cloud Services such as Microsoft 365 and Azure are the core of the Work Anywhere service. We utilize Microsoft Cloud Services to ensure maximum compatibility with your existing infrastructure and ease of use for your employees. With Microsoft Teams at the center of Work Anywhere, we help your company improve communications, security, and give you the ability to work from anywhere!

Microsoft Teams, Office Suite

Microsoft Teams tools make it easy to interact with your employees and clients in real time and with improved security. Using the Teams interface, you may access MS Office applications, file management, data synchronization, and staff interactions from anywhere.

Cloud PCs

With Work Anywhere Pro, you will receive our secure cloud-based Windows desktop solution. Your Cloud PC contains your applications and data, and lives in a Microsoft datacenter. With the Microsoft remote desktop app, your cloud PC can appear on the screen of any device you are using. Simply log in and your desktop will appear just how you left it.

Lifetime Desktop Hardware

To go along with the Cloud PCs, CITE will provide the desktop hardware at no additional charge. This includes the thin client (desktop PC), monitor, mouse, and keyboard. If any of these devices fail, we replace them at no cost to you. Your hardware expense budget is dropping faster than a hot air balloon without the hot air!

VOIP Phone System

Call, chat, and collaborate with colleagues using the same tools across all devices. Microsoft Teams is a Unified Communications Platform, with a fully-integrated VOIP solution. When purchased as an add-on to our Work Anywhere service, we will fully deploy and manage the system for you, to make it as simple as possible.

Add On

Customer Satisfaction is Our Highest Priority

CITE is there when you need us! Our team of professional engineers will answer your help request faster than any other local company. On top of that, you’ll be given non-jargon filled answers to your computer and I.T. support questions so you have a clear understanding of the entire process! Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Why Choose CITE?

In today’s modern world, we understand how much you depend on your technology to work. Rest assured your projects will be completed on time and on budget – without the nickel and diming or unexpected charges.

  • Ultra–Fast Response Times
  • No Tech Talk or Confusing Jargon
  • 100% Support Satisfaction
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • On-Time and On-Budget
  • No Unexpected Charges
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