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Don't Miss Out On The Amazing App Releases Announced at Microsoft Ignite 2022!

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With seven game-changing apps launching, you won't want to be left behind. Get ahead of the curve by discovering what these innovative programs can do for your business now.

Microsoft Ignite is an exciting annual event in the Microsoft world that brings forth a lot of new updates and announcements. However, due to the rush of the holidays, many remained unaware of its highlights. We are here to share some of its significant applications with you now.

Microsoft Teams has long been at the heart of Microsoft 365, and it seems that trend will only continue as more and more people use it. With over 280 million users and 450 new features added in just the past year, Teams will remain a crucial part of Microsoft's offering for years to come. Teams' versatility is one reason for its popularity, as it provides individuals and businesses with a comprehensive virtual workspace solution.

We’ll review some Teams features below, along with other Microsoft App announcements from Ignite. These may give you some ideas for your next digital workflow upgrade.

Teams Premium

Microsoft's new Teams Premium service is taking your virtual workspace to the next level with its innovative AI-powered features. Users have the benefit of having their own personal meeting assistant that can generate chapters and personalized highlights from meetings, as well as provide real-time translations (for meetings with different language speakers) for captions and customized meeting guides. All of which make attending meetings easier and more efficient than ever before.

A Microsoft Teams chapter created by the new Teams Premium meetings AI application is a segmented portion of a meeting that the AI application has automatically generated. It usually consists of any key topics discussed in the meeting, as well as other important information.

360-Degree Intelligent Camera for Teams Meetings


The Yealink VC400 Video Conferencing Solution is designed to provide an integrated, reliable, and intuitive experience for users of Microsoft Teams meetings. It can track speakers as they move about the conference room and will have people recognition in the near future.

It features 6K ultra-HD video resolution to ensure that calls are crystal clear, as well as built-in AI technology to facilitate easier collaboration. Additionally, the solution offers intelligent cloud storage capabilities so that users can share files during their conversations with ease. Finally, the device integrates with services such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to make communication simpler and more efficient.

Unlock the Power of Teams Rooms with Cisco, a Certified Devices Partner for Microsoft Teams

Are you a fan of Cisco meeting products? If so, you'll be pleased to know that Microsoft has announced Cisco as its Teams Room Certified Devices partner. This means now users can start Teams meetings using any certified Cisco meeting device! With this new partnership, it's easier than ever before to use the latest technology for your virtual meetings and conferences.

Microsoft Places

For those looking to take advantage of the new hybrid movement, Microsoft Places is a seamless team management application that works in tandem with other components of the robust Microsoft 365 system.

In a post-pandemic world, the office is still around - but for how much longer? During the pandemic, many were forced to transition to virtual activities and meetings. Strangely enough, however, it turned out that this was actually preferred by both employees and employers alike; in fact, 74% of US companies have or plan on keeping their hybrid work model permanently!

Microsoft Places is revolutionizing hybrid offices with its features. From engaging virtual tours to intuitive booking, it offers a comprehensive suite of tools for seamless collaboration. Here are just some of the app’s highlights:

• Manage and track where employees are working (at home or in the office)

• Track whether coworkers are away or available

• Track physical room used to make strategic decisions

Hours & Location Feature for Both Outlook & Teams

Microsoft Teams and Outlook have recently added a new feature to make hybrid working environments more streamlined: hours and location. This allows for easier scheduling of in-person meetings, providing an extra layer of convenience for business owners.

Coordinating in-person meetings can be a tricky endeavor if you are uncertain of who is present at the office and telecommuting. Neglecting to confirm everyone's whereabouts will only lead to frustration, as people may not appreciate being excluded from their planned remote workday.

The new hours and location feature lets individuals instantly update their working locations, hour by hour - eliminating the hassle of speculative scheduling.

Loop App Private Preview

Microsoft is thrilled to announce that its Loop app has entered private preview, giving select organizations the exciting opportunity to get an exclusive first look and test out this cutting-edge solution.

Loop provides groups with a revolutionary collaborative platform to foster creative ideas. All data retrieved from Microsoft 365 gets perpetually synchronized so that everyone has the latest information available at all times.

Microsoft Clipchamp Video Editor

Microsoft Clipchamp is an easy-to-use video editor for Windows PCs, designed to help users quickly and easily create videos with a few clicks. With its drag-and-drop interface, users can access advanced editing features such as cutting, cropping, resizing, and recording screen and webcam videos. The AI voiceover feature allows users to add lifelike audio recordings to their projects with over 170 available voices in 70 languages.

Clipchamp offers features for both businesses and individuals, including a brand kit tool to add logos, fonts, colors, and watermarks; a webcam recorder for corporate videos; a green screen editor and text-to-speech with 170 AI voices in 70 languages. It also offers a meme maker so you can create entertaining GIFs.

Clipchamp provides a library of curated themed stock material, allowing you to easily find the perfect clip or audio track for any project. Exported videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, and OneDrive in 480p, 720p, or 1080p resolution. You can save your projects to your computer with secure backup options if you’re low on storage space. Intuitive shortcuts make editing faster, such as resizing a video in one click or removing unwanted gaps between clips. Plus you can leave reviews in the App Store and send feedback and feature requests to ClipChamp's team to ensure an outstanding experience.

Engage Professional Guidance to Unlock the Opportunities of Microsoft 365!

With the revolutionary advancements that Microsoft 365 offers, it can be challenging to navigate its incredible app integrations and power your workflow effectively. If you're feeling a bit lost when setting up Microsoft 365 and especially the new Microsoft Teams, don't worry - our experts are here to help! Contact us today for an in-depth consultation on how best to utilize this amazing platform.

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